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Flatsharing made simple.

The flat sharing revolution is coming soon...

We're currently working to make flatsharing simpler.

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Why Roomsby?


We connect people looking for rooms with people advertising rooms for rent. We provide a platform that allows users to connect with their potential new flatmate and arrange to move into their new room, all via


Message potential flatmates via the Roomsby messaging system and get to know them before you decide to take the room. Once you've decided, you can arrange to move in and pay for your room online.


Roomsby provides you with the security you need to rent your room online without leaving your chair. All of our users are verified and all transactions are made via PayPal to ensure you are protected at all times.

Roomsby Guarantee

The Roomsby Rental Guarantee protects renters from renting rooms that are different from advertised on our site. If the room you rent is different from advertised we will give you your money back.

The Roomsby blog

Lifehacks Flatsharing

3 Lifehacks to Get the Most Out of Flatsharing

We can’t win em all? Or can we? Here are 3 Lifehacks to help you get the most out of your flatsharing experience. 3. Make a key/anything holder from a tennis ball. Have trouble remembering where you put your keys? Have no space to keep important notes reminding you or your flatmates to stock up …

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Flatsharing Tips

4 Tips to Have a Great Flatsharing Experience

We’re committed to making sure everyone finds a great room and of course a great place to live, but can a great flat sharing experience really be bought online? We definitely think so, and to help you on your way here are a few tips to keep in mind. 1. Rules is Rules. Before moving into …

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Roomsby Flatsharing Revolution

Roomsby is Coming! Join the Flatsharing Revolution!

If you’ve just happened upon this page through our facebook or somewhere, then you might still be wondering what this is all about. Basically, we’re working to make flatsharing simpler. How? Well it’s simple really, we give you the ability to rent a room in a flatshare entirely online. We hope to build a …

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